Tatiana Nikolaeva and Nikolai Lugansky
Nikolai Lugansky speaks about Tatiana Nikolayeva:

"...Tatiana Nikolayeva was a wonderful teacher and mentor. I learned a lot from her, and I adored her. She was an extraordinary person whose freedom of mind and spirit were absolute. She was not a technician, although her technique was beyond question; she believed that technique was a response to a musical demand, and that the important thing was how we think about music, how we listen to music."

"... Nikolaeva's influence was not limited to lessons: I went to her concerts, we played music together, we listened at home to a lot of music. She brought records and always asked me to listen to them. This was my interaction with someone who was dear and close. This was how she taught, so I continue to learn in this way after her death."

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