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18/6/01 4:43:43
Name:Marta Poeira
My Email: Email me Location: Portugal 

I just need to share my experience with you, music lovers! Last Friday I had the chance of being at a piano recital by Lugansky here in Portugal. What a memorable night! My heart almost jumped out of me! He played the piano with such a passion, poetry and beauty. I almost cried... it was very emotional and powerful. And he is such a modest and charming person. God bless him, God bless Russia, God bless Music! 

p.s. Congratulations for this site! It's fantastic!!

 16/6/01 12:14:56
Name:Claudio Pinto
My Email: Email me Location: Montreal, Canada 

Valour, Great website, easy consulting. Thanks for your franchise, making me know a great artist. You created that impulse wanting to buy one of his records. Regards, Claudio Pinto critic/writer La Scena Musicale Montreal, Canada

5/24/01 3:31:04
Name:Yi Se Lin
My Email: Email me  Location: Korea 

I like him and respet. He has wonderfully gift. And his play is very admirable. Some time I hope play as him.

28/03/01 4:30:12 PM

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This is a cool site!
Wow, I love this website! It's the first time I heard about Nikolai Lugansky and now I am really interested in him! I really like the interviews very much. He's an inspiration. Keep up the great work! I am most certainly going to find some recordings of him!

3/3/01 6:13:41 PM

Name:Gnter Kowar
My Email: Email me  Location: Austria   

Als ich mir heute wieder eimal eine CD gekauft habe so bin ich auf die Aufnahme von Mr. N. Lugansky gestoen. Eine derartigefundamentale und zugleich lyrische Interpretation ist mir bislang von Tontrgern verborgen geblieben. Schn langsam war ich verzweifelt und dachte mir, da es keine "groen" Pianisten mehr gibt. Doch hier ist neben den bereits verstorbenen Meistern wie S.Richter, V.Horowitz usw... eine weitere Legende zugegen!!! 

Es wre eine auerordentlich groe Ehre fr mich, einmal einem Konzert hier in unserem Land beiwohnen zu drfen. Auf dem weiteren Lebensweg und musikalischen Wege wnsche ich aus ganzem Herzen alles erdenklich Gute und weiterhin viel, viel Erfolg!!!

13/1/01 11:37:32 AM

Name: Henk van Tuijl
My Email: Email me  Location: Netherlands   


Keep up the good work! An excellent site about a great pianist. 

Regards, Henk

12/13/00 10:01:14 PM

Name: Stany Kol
My Email: Email me  Location: Paris    

Chre Valour, 

D'abord je dois vous fliciter pour ce site. Non seulement parce qu'il est trs bien fait, prsent et entretenu, mais surtout parce qu'il reprsente le tmoignage de votre sincrit, de votre foi en un artiste qui la mrite, de votre idalisme en un mot. 

Ensuite, il faut dire que Nicola Lugansky est un immense musicien, un de ces tres touchs par la grce, en qui Franz Liszt voyait des messagers de Dieu. C'est inexplicable : ni vous, ni moi, ni certainement Nicola, ne pourrions expliquer pourquoi, mais c'est ainsi. Ce qu'il dit lui-mme de Mozart et de Chopin s'applique lui aussi. 

Merveilleux pianiste, dont la musicalit brillante, sensible, lgante, fait oublier l'incroyable virtuosit dont ses mains sont capables. En France, il est devenu clbre en quelques mois et je m'en rjouis : je l'ai dcouvert il y a six mois seulement, mais aprs avoir cout plusieurs de ses disques et deux concerts, il est devenu pour moi un musicien indispensable, dont je ne pourrai plus me passer. 

L'ayant brivement rencontr la suite d'un rcital Paris, j'ai vu combien l'homme tait authentique, honnte, sympathique, vous donnant l'envie de devenir son ami. Il doit tre sr que des milliers de gens croient en lui, ont besoin de son art et de tout ce qu'il leur communique par la musique. Il doit tre sr de son talent, de sa mission sur cette Terre... et aussi rester lui-mme : pas facile ! Ce site, je crois, peut l'y aider.

12/4/00 6:50:51 PM

Name: Satoko Kodaira
My Email:   Location: Japan    

Hello, Valour! This is Satoko from Japan. I want to say that Nikolai Lugansky's piano is excellent. He is one of a few favorite pianists for me! When I was in college in Boston, he had a recital in the Fine Arts Center of my college (Regis College). It was three or four years ago. He played Chopin's etudes (op.10), Mozart's sonata, and works of Scriabin and Prokofiev. I was thrilled when I first heard him. His performance was very powerful and full of emotion, but it was very accurate, which I mostly concern about when I listen to. He played Rachmaninoff's Prelude No.5 (op.23) as an encore and that excited the audience so much! It was just a small audience but everybody stood up and gave him a big applause. That was an unforgettable night. I haven't listened to his piano since then, but it still remains in my heart. I really want to have some CDs of his performance. Thanks for your time! Satoko Kodaira

11/27/00 9:23:06 PM

Name: Margaret Parker
My Email: Email me Location: Oakland, CA

Thank you for alerting me to this website, Valour.... I listened to the clips of Mr. Lugansky's performances and am very impressed. I was disappointed to see that he has no scheduled American concerts set up for 2000-2001. I will definitely purchase some of his CDs as he plays many pieces of my favorite composers, Rachmaninov, Chopin and Schuman. Most of my favorite pianists are no longer with us.... Rubinstein, Michelangeli, Arau, Gilels...just to name a few, and as I said before the current crop of young pianists leave much to be desired.... Mr. Lugansky, I predict, has a wonderful future and I wish him all the best...Once again, thank you for the introduction.......

11/13/00 9:38:42 PM

Name: NKouzmina
My Email: Email Me Location: Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Lugansky, I am very glad that I found your page. I like very much your sound clips and I hope you will come to perform to Washington. Do svidania. 


11/2/00 8:53:15 PM

Name: Sean McMenamin
My Email: Email Me Location: England

Hello. I don't know how I ended up at this site and did not have a clue about the existence of Lugansky prior to this encounter. But I read with great interest and I will look out for any recordings by him in the future. He sure sounds to be a Great musician. 

10/26/00 10:25:23 PM

Name: ivan
My Email: Email Me Location: Israel

I have heard Lugansky for the first time via radio in 1994. He executed etudes - tableaux of Rachmaninov. Already in that time he played them with a breadth of breath , peculiar to him.

I expected Chaikovsky competition 1994 with big interest. He had not received 1st prize, it seemed by an absurd joke. I have paid attention then, as he sits at a grand piano directly.

In 1998 I was lucky to attend to the recital of Lugansky in Petersburg. He played a program including 24 preludes, Scherzo #4, Ballade #4, Fantasie and several nocturnes. He has shown himself very delicate, dainty pianist with faultless legato. His virtuosity allowed him freely to create in such pieces as preludes b-moll, Es-dur, fis-moll,d-moll

Lugansky- Pianist with humour. It is necessary to listen to a concert of Pulenk for 2 piano in his performance to understand it.

First of all, Lugansky is the amazing interpreter of Russian music- Chaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Medtner. His performance of Variations by a theme of Chopin - sample of typically russian lyrics,dramatics and tenderness

Lugansky is the very pleasant cultured young man, it is possible to talk always with him, he has no snobbery.

I glad very much to this site, so thanks Valore. It would be desirable - more for music of Lugansky.

Yours sincerely,

9/14/00 12:31:01 

Name: Daniel Orenstein
My Email: Email Me Location: France

I saw Lugansky in Colmar this summer, he gave two concerts during the Spivakov festival, dedicated to Michelangeli this year.He first played Rachmaninoff's 4th concerto, then a few days later Mozart's KV 467...maybe the two greatest piano performances I've ever heard..Kissin played Rachmaninoff's 2nd concerto 2 days later, I was not as much impressed!!!

07/31/00 11:52:39 
Name: ollivier lenot
My Email: Email Me Location: Paris

I heard Lugansky for the first time this 28th of July 2000 at La Roque d'Anthron (Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov). I was astounded by such poetry, strength and maturity. For Chopin Etudes op.25, he took so many risks, that I thought it was impossible to do so nowadays. The wind, frogs and crickets while he played made this moment magic. Another memorable piece was his first encore : Debussy's first arabesque. For sure, I won't miss any of his recitals now. best regards.

07/21/00 02:30:25 
Name: Lindy MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Valour: Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and sign my guest book. I very much appreciate your comments. I love this site, especially the images! Several people have told me to listen to the Rachmaninov Piano Concerti, and I have been browsing the CDs at the music stores, wondering which pianist to purchase. After listening to the music you have posted on this site, I now know which one I want. I agree with you that this pianist is very gifted!! What I find so terribly exciting about the internet is that individuals can spread information to other individuals in direct ways, circumventing the agendas of the music companies with their hype and blarney. Thank you for finding me.

07/27/00 07:56:22 

Name: wim    My URL: Visit me
My Email:
Email Me

Great site dedicated to a great pianist. Heard him a few times in the Netherlands some years ago. He is a great performer and I'm happy to hear that Erato will release his music on cd.

07/10/00 03:40:29 
Name: Julie Richter
My Email: Email Me Location: Chicago

Valour: Your site is a beautiful tribute to Mr. Lugansky and his music. I'm sure he and his family are thrilled about it. Though I've never yet had the pleasure of hearing him play, your site has encouraged me to find some of his recordings and treat myself to some beautiful piano-playing. You've done a great job on the site. I look forward to visiting again soon.

07/09/00 02:24:26 
Name: Alan Burr
My Email: Email Me Location: Shropshire, England


07/04/00 15:19:31
Name: Alain Lompech
My Email: Email Me Location: France

La premire fois que j'ai entendu Nikolay Lugansky, il jouait, Paris, avec son professeur Tatiana Nikolaeva, la Suite no 1 pour deux pianos de Rachmaninov et la sonate en r de Mozart. Jamais je n'oublierais ce rcital. Quelques annes plus tard, j'ai reu ses disques rachmaninov et Schumann publis par Vangard. J'ai t nouveau conquis et les ai fait couter Nelson Freire, le pianiste brsilien qui m'a dit: "c'est un grand pianiste et un grand artiste." Ce que j'ignorais, c'est que Lugansky est un grand admirateur de Freire. Depuis, je l'ai fait se recontrer. Lugansky est un des plus grands pianistes de notre temps et ses dbuts en France ont t immdiatement salus par l'ensemble de la critique unanime. Ce qui est rare! Je me rjouis de le rentendre, cet t, la Roque d'Anthron et de l'y retrouver. Car, c'est aussi un homme sympathique, ouvert, intelligent et trs cultiv. Il a deux enfants, un petit garon et une petite fille et une femme aussi belle que gentille, elle aussi!

07/03/00 03:27:03 
Name: Mark Brannan MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Hello, I'm very glad that there is now a site for Nikolai Lugansky! I only have one of his recordings, the Etudes-Tableux by Rachmaninov (on Fidelio), but it is one of my favorites! So, I am quite curious about what he has done since then. I have bookmarked this site and hope to come back soon to enjoy it when I have more time. Best wishes to this site, and to Nikolai Lugansky,


07/03/00 11:53:37 
Name: Bischoffberger, Michael-Lasar
My Email: Email Me Location: Schweiz

ߧ ٧ߧѧܧާ ֧ ٧ѧڧ ABEGG Variationen ߧѧ 7. ҧ֧اէ֧, ­ԧѧߧܧڧ ا ֧ۧѧ էڧ ڧ ӧ֧էڧ ڧѧߧڧ ާڧ. Schumann Sonate fis-moll ߧڧܧ ѧ ߧ ٧ѧڧѧ ӧ֧ާק Gieseking ڧݧ֧ݧ. է Chopin ާԧ ܧߧܧڧӧѧ ݧڧ ٧ѧڧ Zayas. Mit Hochachtung, Bischoffberger, Zurich

07/01/00 04:20:30 
Name: Christina (aka Marvy Mei) MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Northern California

This site is great! I had never heard of this guy before, but now I'm now going to keep an eye out for Lugansky's recordings and upcoming performances. Keep up the good work. :)

06/30/00 01:58:18
Name: Rene
My Email: Email Me Location: Toronto, Canada

This site is lovely, well thought out and beautifully designed. Thanks! Ciao!

06/29/00 14:36:09 
Name: rob h
My Email: Email Me Location: Leicester

An interesting introduction to a pianist I had not previously come across, whom I shall now have to dig out and explore further - at Goldsmith Music and Drama Library - where I understand we have three recordings of his already!

06/27/00 08:42:30 
Name: Valour MY URL: Visit Me
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Hello !  Please leave your messages about Nikolai Lugansky's music, or about my site. I am eager to hear from you, so don't be shy.


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